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» 10.08.2016

Ystok-MD5 1.0.001 released

» 15.02.2016

Ystok-PDF 2.0.006 released

» 11.02.2016

YstokHTML 0.5.009 released

» 13.04.2014

YHTML-Template 0.10.3 released

YstokHTML 0.4.007 released

YstokHelp 1.7.018 released

» 01.03.2014

Ystok-FFC 0.1.002 released:

» 26.01.2014

Ystok-FFC initial release

YstokCard initial release

Ystok-Library 1.4 released

Ystok-Local-Time 1.3 released

» 18.12.2013

Ystok-Library 1.3 released

YstokWidgets 1.4 released

YstokGrid 1.5 released

» 20.11.2012

YstokHTML 0.3 released

YstokHelp 1.6 released

» 12.11.2012

Ystok-URI 2.0 released:

» 09.11.2012

Ystok-Library 1.2.022 released - added more i18n/l10n support:

» 2012-04-27

Ystok-URI 1.1.006 released:

» 2012-04-18

ASDlite: first release.

» 2012-04-18

Ystok-Library 1.2.021 released:

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Lisp is worth learning for the profound enlightenment experience you will have when you finally get it; that experience will make you a better programmer for the rest of your days, even if you never actually use Lisp itself a lot.
     - Eric Raymond

Lisp is a dominant technology in Ystok-Systema at the moment. We are permanently moving our previous products to Lisp. All prospects for future development are coupled with Lisp.

Lisp Background

LISP is a general purpose programming language. It was invented by John McCarthy in 1958. According to the Lisp 1.5 Programmers Manual published in 1960, it was a very special programming language where "code is always data and data can be code." There have been many dialects of it, but nowadays Lisp is wide-spread due to the industrial standard ANSI Common Lisp published in 1994. Many well-known programs, such as the Emacs editor or AutoCAD, are entirely relied on Lisp.

Ystok Lisp Repository

We are presenting this collections of pages in hope that our code and ideas can be of value to the Lisp community. Please take a look at the Projects chapter for detail and source files.

The great deal of the code was developed or supervised by Dmitriy Ivanov. If you get any questions or customization wishes, feel free to contact him.