YstokHelp: Help Authoring Tool

YstokHelp is a library for preparing help books. A help book is a part of documentation on a specific product or module in HTML format.

A help book project is a kind of ASDF or ASDlite system definition. The component classes of YstokHelp are subclasses of the asd:component class. The major classes are pictured on the tree.


YstokHelp requires

It optionally (weakly) depends on

These are only needed for developing GUI applications on LispWorks.


The source code was only tested on Lispworks 4.4 and 5.0 for Windows. Porting to SBCL is under way.

Download and installation

YstokHelp source code is available from
http://lisp.ystok.ru/yhelp/yhelp-1-7-018.zip or

The distribution package contains the two system definition files:

See change.log.

The compiled YstokHelp application for Windows (Setup Wizard executable) is available at http://en.ystok.ru/products/yhelp/.


The documentation in English is unfinished yet.
The full documentation on YstokHelp is only available in Russian for now.


For a help book defintion, take a look at the yhelp-book-en.asd, the definition file of the help book about YstokHelp itself.

To get a look-and-fill of a help book in English, please browse the documentation on Ystok-URI.