YstokWidgets is a Common Lisp GUI library based on LispWorks CAPI. It provides functions for rendering text and graphics, editing text information constructing pane layouts and window classes and mixins. It implements a kind of framework and facilitates building desktop applications.

The library is based on CAPI. Its Windows version does not require any third-party DLL or OLE components.


YstokWidgets requires Ystok-Library and optionally Ystok-Local-Time.

YstokWidgets is required by YstokGrid and optionally by YstokHelp.


The source code was tested on LispWorks 4.4, 5.0, and 6.1 for Windows.

Here is change.log.

Download and installation

YstokWidgets is available from
http://lisp.ystok.ru/ywidgets/ywidgets-1-4-020.zip or
The distribution package contains both the ASDlite/ASDF-based YstokWidgets.asd and the LispWorks system definition file defsys.lisp.

See also

The Professional Edition of YstokWidget provides more widget and interface classes. See Ystok Products page.