Ystok-Library is a portable Common Lisp library of general purpose macros, functions, and utilities. It is is required by other Ystok-something packages.

Internationalization and localization

Ystok-Library includes the defnative macro for customizing national language strings. Such strings are compiled into application when delivering in a specific language.

The lang/ subdirectory contains language files for German and Russian.

For run-time string translation, Ystok-Library includes the following:

File utilities

The file-utils.lisp contains some useful functions:

Octets utilities


The library includes the portable code of META, a classic technique for building recursive descent parsers, which is both simple and effective. See "Pragmatic Parsing in Common Lisp" of Henry G. Baker at http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/baker91pragmatic.html or inside http://portal.acm.org/  or just download Prag-Parse.ps, the original article in PostScript.

The meta-parse-number.lisp file in the distribution bundle presents an example of using META. This approach is used by

LispWorks compatibility code

The lw-compat.lisp file contains reimplementation of useful primitives from LispWorks system and lispworks packages.


Ystok-Library optionally depends on Ystok-FFC.

Ystok-Library is required by YstokCard, YstokGrid, YstokHelp, YstokHTML, YstokSQL, YstokWidgets, Ystok-Local-Time, Ystok-URI, and our version of ACL-Compat lite.


The source code was tested on the following Lisp implementations:

Download and installation

Ystok-Library is available from
http://lisp.ystok.ru/ylib/ylib-1-4-025.zip or

The distribution package contains both the ASDlite/ASDF-based ycard.asd and the LispWorks-based defsys.lisp system definition files.

See change.log.