Ystok-FFC - foreign-function compatibility

Ystok-FFC is a small portable Common Lisp library of wrapper functions and macros for the foreign function interface (FFI). The package provides a compatibility layer and allows the application code to call the native FFI functionality of various Common Lisp implementations in a uniform manner.

Ystok-FFC includes primitives for the following:

Design principles


Ystok-FFC does not pretend to cover all the foreign function interface features encountered in all modern Common Lisp implementations. It is only targeting at the most popular platforms and supports only the primitives that are really used in our projects.


Ystok-FFC is required by


Tested in full on versions 4.4 and 6.1 for Windows.
Tested on version 1.0.55 on Windows.

Download and installation

Ystok-FFC is available from
http://lisp.ystok.ru/yffc/yffc-0-1-002.zip or

The distribution package contains both the ASDlite/ASDF-based yffc.asd and the LispWorks-based defsys.lisp system definition files.

See change.log.