Using help book

The help book is an HTML-based documentation on a software product or library. Use your favorite Internet browser to read it.

The help book is interactive — If you pressing the F1 key in the application, it opens a related page or pops up a small context help with the button Button to open a help book page with topic details.. You can also inspect the Help menu.

Underlined text represents a hyperlink. When you CLICK on it with the mouse, the browser jump to another page or another fragment within the current page, or "pops up" a tooltip or menu.

The help window is divided into two frames: the Navigation frame on the left and the Content frame on the right. To resize the frames, drag the vertical border between them.

Navigation frame

The left frame displays one of the standard tabs.




TIP: Invoke the browser Find command to search through the Sitemap.

Content frame: topic pages

The toolbar is displayed on the top and bottom of every topic page.

Display the previous topic in the book.
Display the next topic.
Display the parent topic or section/chapter within the hierarchy.
Hide/Show the Navigation frame.

Related subtopics and pages are listed at the bottom of the page.


To retain the link to the current page in the Content frame in "favorites" list of your browser, RIGHT-CLICK within the page and invoke the corresponding context menu item.

BrowserContext menu command
Internet ExplorerAdd to Favorites
FirefoxIn this frameAdd frame to favorites

Browser settings

To enjoy the help book functionality in full, customize your browser settings:

The hyperlink font, color and other presentation parameters are not preset in the help book and are under your browser control.

The help book does not contain any ActiveX controls but only JavaScript scripts.

Firewall settings

Any GUI application invoke the help book indirectly throug the browser. By default, Windows consider opening even local HTML-files unsecure.

To enable context help, you should add the application to the "white list" or "exeption list" of your firewall. (Or allow access to IP-address and localhost/Trusted zone.)

The help book does not provide full-text search. Instead, use one of the following:

For any of the above, specify the folder where the help book is located.